Friday, July 8, 2011

Cherished Memories

Three months have passed since we said goodbye to my grandmother- a women whose life was rich both in experiences and years. As I reflect on her walk through this broken world, I remember a women who allowed the hardships of her life to mold her into someone with a heart of great compassion who loved deeply. One who held tight to her beliefs and stood by her convictions.

She was gentle and kind, and poured everything she had into the lives of those around her- strangers and loved ones alike. Having been nurtured by her hands and held in her heart, I will forever cherish the memories of the love that she gave, and all the time we spent in heartfelt conversations and roaring laughter- simply enjoying each other’s company.

With  my birthday fast approaching my heart is draped with a curtain of sadness; as I prepare to face the occasion amidst reality that my ears will not be graced with the sound of a ringing phone and met on the other end by her joyous greeting and her marvelous voice, filled with such love, singing from her heart the timeless "Happy Birthday" melody.

While my heart aches with  sadness, I am so thankful for the memories, photographs, and songs that keep her close as I anxiously await the day when we will be reunited for all eternity.

This is one of the last photos we had taken together.

Here she is singing a lullaby that I heard often growing up.

Time is fleeting, life is fragile cherish every moment!



Jill Samter Photography said...

What an incredibly beautiful tribute to her!

I love the tenderness in which you describe her and how that all came from how she reacted to lifes hardships. God was honored by her life and choices.

Praising Him for her memory that will love on forever in your heart!

Until we meet in heaven!
May you live to honor Him in the same way - let the hardships mold you into the woman He created you to be - ALL GLORY TO GOD!

Love you!

Jill said...

As my own grandmother fades with each day and I prepare for the day that is coming, I can relate. Such a sweet remembrance you shared today. ♥ Visiting & now following from Then Sings My Soul Saturday.

~ Jill @ Sweet Diva

Michelle said...

Such beautiful memories of your Grandmother.
She has such a soft soothing voice.
This is my first time hearing the lullaby.
Thanks for sharing!

Jan said...

How wonderful that you can still hear her voice. She must have been a very special lady. Thanks for sharing. :)

Tänia said...

Oh my... I have chill bumps! What a BEAUTIFUL tribute to your precious grandmother! Big hugs sweetie!


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