Friday, January 9, 2009


It is a new year, and no doubt over this last week you have come across some form of media that talks about making new years resolutions. Perhaps you have made some yourself. According to a recent pole 4 of the top 10 new years resolutions have something to do with improving ones physical health. While physical health is important, my focus for this year is not so much on the physical as it is on the spiritual. I want my life this year to be summed up in two words willing and obedient. No matter what this year may hold may God find me available and willing to obey whenever he calls my name. May it be said of me, “ She burned bright for the Lord and kept others warm around her.”
Genesis 22 1-18

May God Richly Bless You This Year,
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ktwalden said...

What a moving song and video! I had chills when Isaac was laid on the altar. Lord, increase my faith....

Jennifer said...

Wow...that is a very moving video! Abraham and Issac were one of the examples of "By Faith" that I wrote about yesterday. I can't image having that kind of faith to be willing to sacrifice my son.

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing video with us.

Happy TSMSS!

Cathy said...

I have not seen that video before, a good one about obedience for sure.

Amy Wyatt said...

What a powerful video and song! I had not heard this one before, but I'm definitely adding it to my favorites. It spoke to me on so many levels. Thanks for making me think this morning.

Molly said...

I am with Jennifer on that one, WOW. Powerful song and video.

Thanks for sharing!

Mocha with Linda said...

Wow. Convicting video and song. Thanks for sharing.

Sweet Blessings said...

That was BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for encouraging me this morning!

Darlene said...

Great video and song... I have never heard this before. Very encouraging!
Thanks for sharing.
Have a fabulous weekend!

Jill said...

Melissa - Nice to meet you!

I say a BOLD AMEN! to your post and what you hope for in 2009 - that is my personal prayer as well.

God bless and have a wonderful weekend!

In His amazing grace,
PS I love that song and video!

Julie D said...


Shirley said...

Beautiful! I love this account from the Bible - I was reading it just the other day with my kids. Beautiful picture of Christ coming as our sacrificial lamb.

Cristine said...

Beautiful song... very moving. It was new to me. Thanks for sharing.

God Bless you,


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