Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mission of the Month- Cadre

Are you like me? When you go through your daily mail do you often find letters form charitable organizations asking you to consider making a donation, be it of your time or resource, to help support their cause? Do you find yourself recognizing the nobility of these organizations, and wishing that you could contribute to all of them? Are you met with the reality that based on the amount of resources that the Lord has entrusted to you that is just not possible?

This is a dilemma that I find myself facing often. To be quite honest, I cringe myself as I address similar letters seeking the support of family friends in order to carry out the next mission that God has called me to realizing I have become one of those “ choice letters” But, where God guides He will provide. He lays my cause on the hearts of some and not on others. In His time and in His way the mission gets accomplished.

So instead of feeling bad that I cannot support evey organization that presents me with an opportunity I have decided to prayerfully consider all of these noble opportunities, and choose a different cause each month to highlight and support. Little is much when God is in it!

The cause that I have chosen for the month of January is
Cadre Ministries. Cadre is a ministry designed to train and equip volunteers in ministry to be wildly successful. While the focus of this ministry is equipping volunteers many of the materials offered can be used in your daily walk and service to the Lord. I encourage you to take a look at their website linked above. Another source of thought provoking encouragement is the ministry director's blog. I encourage you to stop by every so often and have a virtual cup of Joe with Bill.

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