Friday, January 9, 2009

Calling All Creative Christians!

The New Year is upon us and it has me pondering ways that God might have me working alongside Him this year. One possibility that has been brought to my attention is that of leading a week of summer camp for village youth in Romania. The logistics of this possibility are extensive. As “camp director” I would need to come up with captivating, fun, Christ centered activates that will enrich the relationship that these youth have with their Lord, point unbelieving students to Him, and make this a summer to remember for everyone involved.

To that end I am asking for your creative camp ideas. If you were camp director what would you plan to do? What group games would you play? What biblical theme would you choose? What bible stories? What activates would you implement to drive your points home?

Camp is 5 days so I am thinking of a VBS type layout. These children are between the ages of 7 and 15. I would need to keep them active for approximately 13 hours a day. The only materials I would be able to use are those things that are brought over in suitcases. Lord willing, I will have a small team of people to help in making camp a reality.

Any ideas that you have are appreciated! Websites with ideas are fantastic. Being that this would be done in Romania, I cannot use prepackaged curriculum. As you brainstorm with me please keep in mind the language barrier. Thank you for your creative kingdom building ideas! Feel free to share this information and gather ideas from the creative Christians in your life. All ideas will be read through and considered.

Does puting together a church camp in Romania sound like something you or someone you know would be interested in taking a hands on part in? A team, of no more than 7 people, is needed to turn this dream into a reality. If you are interested please leave a comment contact me through my profile.

If you would, please be in prayer for me as I seek the Lord’s direction for my life and ministry in this New Year. Thank you!


Emily said...

This reminds me of a curriculum idea that I have...that of course I haven't started. I could definitely tell you about it if you want and you might be able to do something with what I HAVE thought out... :-)

Deborah said...

I was part of a day camp for week and they had all kinds of sites set up around the camp. One was a large "floor" balanced on a round log. There was 2 teams - each team leader got on one side of the floor, balancing the floor over the log. They then had to pick which person came up next, and where they stood so that the floor remained balance. I think they actually sat down once they got up there. Once everyone was up there and it was balanced, they had to see how long they could keep it balanced, one person leaning the wrong way would unbalance it. While they were there, waiting, I told the story about the disciple walking on the water to Jesus, as long as he stayed focused, he could do it, but when he let the storm take his focus off Jesus, he sank. It worked out really well.

They also had a archery section and while the kids waited in line for their turn, I told them the story about Jonathan and David and the signals given for David to hide.

I wore a carpenter's belt, with all the pockets and kept small items in my pockets for times that we were waiting turns to occupy the kids. Evangecubes were the best and it presented the Gospel to them while they waited. Also a 20 question ball. You can email me if you like for some other ideas.


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