Thursday, January 8, 2009

In this New Year

As we have closed another chapter in the book of life, marked it with the year 2008 and turn to the opening pages of 2009, I can do nothing less than give God thanks and praise for His sustaining grace in every situation through out this past year. These last12 months have consisted of many mountain top experiences and there have also been days spent walking through the valleys. While not always visible, God walked with me through every twist and turn and made me lie down in green pastures. 2008 was a reminder to me that life is full of uncertainty. I was made witness once again to the reality that time is fleeting, and life is fragile, but the faithfulness of the Lord is unending.

As a New Year dawns with all of its hopes, dreams, possibilities, and most certainly some hardships, I am looking to future with trust. While there are many things that I hope for in this year I desire this chapter of my life to be scripted by the author of life itself. May God inscribe His desires so clearly on my heart and mind. May I be attentive to His will; my life be defined by trust and obedience. May it be said of me, “She burned bright for the Lord and kept others warm around her”.

Life is short. God is good May His stamp of approval be on my life for time and eternity.

Happy New Year!

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