Saturday, July 19, 2008

Peace Like a River

I must admit the last 24 hours have been a whirlwind. I have been praying for wisdom, and peace to flood me like a river. Without it I will succumb to the rushing demands of life as I prepare to return to Romania.

As you may know, things for my upcoming trip to Romania are moving much quicker then I ever anticipated. My application was fully accepted on July 15th. I received all of the official trip details yesterday morning. Upon looking everything over, and clarifying the information with the IM staff, I have been informed that half of my support needs to be in the International Messengers office sixty days prior to departure. Which means that I need to raise $1500 dollars by August 5th!

I would appreciate your prayers as I trust the Lord to provide for my need. If you would like more information about the trip, or how you can partner with me please click here. Thanks you for your prayers and support.

As I have been planning and praying this song has been running through my mind. I absolutely love sings with Romania children, and this song is one of their favorites. Enjoy!

(Be sure to pause the music player before watching the video.) For more TSMS Saturday posts visit:


ocean mommy said...

Lord Jesus, You know the exact dollar amount needed. You know all the tiny details that are consuming this sister's mind and heart right now. I ask that you would provide each need and make her very aware of your presence as she prepares to travel for you...
In Jesus Name!

Amy Wyatt said...

How exciting that your trip is coming together so quickly. I pray that all of your needs for your trip will be met. Thanks for posting this cool song.


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