Saturday, April 2, 2011

Just a Call Away

There are so many thoughts winding their way through the corridors of my mind. Thoughts that are just waiting to be spilled across the keys and onto the page before me, but as I sit here in the silence of these early morning hours, with shadows of sorrow surrounding me as the impending passing of a loved one rests on the horizon of my future, I cannot seem to find the words with which to begin composing my thoughts.

As I listen to sound of silence,and feel the ache of sorrow in every beat of my heart, I am thankful that "love is just a call away".

The song I have to share today is an original song written by Lexi. I had the privilege of meeting both Lexi and her mom last weekend. It was truly a day that I will remember for the rest of my life!

I will have much more to share about my experience in another post. I am truly in awe of God, and I am so thankful for the gift of friendship that He has given me in Jill. If you have not yet found Jill's blog for yourself, I encourage you to follow the link and soak in God's love and truth through her transparent reflections of  life walked out in faith.  Her love for God, her passion for the truth, and her heart for others inspires me daily to a greater pursuit of becoming like Christ.

Lexi is truly beautiful from the inside out! Her heart and passion for the things of God is like nothing I have ever seen in someone so young. God has blessed Lexi with many incredible talents and she desires only to use each one for His glory. God‘s love and light radiate from deep within her and leave sa profound impact on the lives of everyone she meets.

Will you please join me in praying over Lexi` as she trusts God with the future that He has planned for her? Next weekend she will be recording her first CD. After that she will be finishing up high school and God only knows the plans He has for her future, but one thing is for sure,His plans for her are GOOD because her heart is set on pleasing Him!

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know. Jeremiah 33:3

Only by His Grace,


Michelle said...

Congratulations to Lexi on her first CD.
She has a beautiful voice.

Jill Samter Photography said...

As I sit here reading this I'm fighting back the tears. melissa - you are such a treasure and a gift to me. I can't even express appropriately what your friendship means to me. I can't praise God enough for your love!

Big hugs my sweet and precious friend (little sister) I love you!

Debbie said...

Melissa, I too love Jill! She has been such a good and faithful friend as we've gotten to 'know one another' and pray for another through our blogs. How awesome that you got to meet Jill and Lexi in person. Yes, I will be praying for Lexi as she records her first CD. I know the Lord has amazing plans for her. I am encouraged for the youth of our nation if there are young people like Lexi.

blessings and love,

Sara G said...

Thank you for sharing with us! Very beautiful!

Lexi said...

I love you so much Melissa!!!! thank you so much for sharing and I am so blessed to know you. It was so great meeting you in person last weekend - you are beautiful inside and out!



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