Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday- Friends

I remember the day as if it were yesterday. The summer sun beat down hard upon the earth and poured through my open window as I scrambled to change my clothes and force my feet into the plastic braces that along with my canes, would be my physical support for the day.

In a combination of anticipation, excitement, and strong apprehension my heart pulsated hard within my chest. This was a day that I had long been preparing and waiting for. In just 3 short hours I would be standing in the company of over 100 other homeschooled seniors from across the country and around the world, who, together with family and friends, were gathering to commemorate high school graduation.

Elation seemed to permeate the air around me, yet my heart was profoundly sad- that for reason beyond my control my parents, who inverted so much into my education over the past four years, were not able to share in this joyous occasion. In those moments I realized that I was going to need much more than just physical support to make it through the day. I paused in the flurry of getting ready to lift my heart in prayer and ask God to somehow carry me through this day.

Little did I know how His answer would come.

With my grandmother, my uncle, and my aunt at my side we made the two hour trip to the school that furnished my curriculum and held my transcripts. Upon our arrival, I made my way through winding hallways and up three flights of stairs to join the rest of the graduating class. The room was humming with conversation as I made  my way through the rows of neatly lined chairs, and past my peers all sitting in caps and gowns of royal blue.

Finding my name on a slip of paper resting on the seat of a chair I took my place among them.  Not long after the chairs on either side of me were being taken by the two young women whose names their seats also held. As they took their places I sat in silence, with nervous sadness surrounding me.

The girl seated at my right introduced herself to me. Softly I greeted her; secretly hoping for no further conversation. But, with great enthusiasm, she continued to talk. Sitting silently I listened, wanting desperately to keep to myself, so that my apprehensions and sadness could not be seen. But, she persisted. In an effort to satisfy her tongue I spoke. It was not long before we were fully engaged in conversation.

As the day wore on, we stuck together and I found myself taking great delight her company. As the ceremony concluded, with caps tossed high,  we had our photo taken together,  and exchanged a hug and contact information before heading our separate ways.

A smile crossed my face as I descended the school steps that  evening  realizing that this beautiful young woman who stood at my right was God’s answer to my prayer.

Little did I know that our meeting was just the beginning of a friendship that has remained strong ever since.

Today as I am just days away from traveling to West Virginia to be reunited with Krystal I thank God for  how He held my fragile heart in His hands that day, and gave me the gift of friendship that would last a lifetime.


 “A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”

Sustained by God's Grace,


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Jill Samter Photography said...

How absolutely beautiful! A smile across my face and tears of joy for you fill my heart and eyes!

I love you Melissa!

I will see you next Saturday and can't wait! Hug Krystal for me!



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