Monday, March 14, 2011


The book lays open upon her desk. With a pencil in hand, she sits pondering the concepts that are spread across the page before her. From another room I hear her counting as she works her way from left to right across the page, carefully solving each equation that makes up the day’s lesson in second grade math.
A smile bursts across my face as I hear her pause and say,‘six'. The number sparks my memory. For weeks I too have been counting. Counting down the days until creation is awakened from its long winter slumber and is revived again by the warmth of the springtime sun. Yes, only six days to go and it will be spring!
Her counting continue one step higher. From six she climbs to seven. My smile widens as the anticipation within me continues to build. In seven short days I will be reunited in person with a young woman whom I have been blessed to call a dear friend for nearly eight years!
Oh, the joy that is springing up from within as I continue this simple exercise in counting. Count the blessings that my heavenly Father has lovingly wrapped up in the gift of today. With my heart filled with gratitude I offer Him thanks for a select few of the endless number blessings that He has lavishly bestowed on me.
  • the blessing of prayer -both giving it as a gift to others, and receiving its benefits and comfort myself
  • sunshine
  • Daylight savings time
  •  Emails from a trusted friend that bring encouragement a smile to my day

  • Clean Water to quench my thirst
  • Two cans that help me stand up and walk

  •  New shoes
  • The opportunity to surprise others with simple acts of love and kindness.
  • A future that is resting safely and securely in hands of our loving, all knowing God

  • The gift of one more day
The best way to give God thsnks is to live in complete surrender and full obedience to His will no matter the cost.
Lord, teach me to number my days; to use my time wisely for your honor and glory. Open my eyes to see you clearly in the ordinary as well as the extraordinary moments that make up each new day. Help me to fix  my mind on complete surrender and obedience. May lips overflow daily with praise and thanksgiving  for the gift of your Son and all of the blessings that you generously give me  that I am so undeserving of. In Jesus name I pray, Amen. 
 Only by  God’s Amazing Grace,

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Jill Samter Photography said...

what a beautiful post melissa!

yeah for the counting of blessings and until you see your friend.

and until SPRING!

and until we finally MEET!!!!

i love you!

have a blessed day!


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