Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Born with Spastic Cerebral Palsy, five years ago this beautiful little girl was without hope; a special needs orphan in Korea. Today, through the love of her adoptive family, Ellie Barth is an intellegent, thriving, and very vibrant 8 year old who captures the hearts of all who know her.
Though physically she is largely confined to a wheelchair, and she struggles with limited speech, her spirit soars and her determination is strong. Her courage in the face of her limitations, multiple surgeries, and pain is something to be admired. (This child's strength puts me to shame, and I am more than 3 times her age.)
Tomorrow morning, Ellie will again put her courage proudly on display. Instead of joining her class and playing the Sugarplum Fairy in her school’s Christmas program, she with be undergoing yet another surgery.  A surgery to have a medical pump implanted in her side that will deliver a constant stream of medicine into her spine in hopes of reducing the spasticity throughout her body and bringing greater ease to her mobility and speech.
Last night she beamed with delight as I sat across the table from her, and over a game of Candy Land, we discussed the surgery, the recovery, and what we pray will  be improved quality of life following. She is thrilled with the idea that when all of this is said and done she will most likely have better balance and be able to walk with her walker on a more constant basis.
Will you please join me in praying over Ellie and her medical team though out the next few days? This operation should be quick and it  has great potential of improving so many areas of Ellie’s life. As one who has been through this myself, I also know that there can be complications.
Please pray For:
  • Wisdom for the attending physician
  • A successful surgery
  • That Ellie’s body would remain healthy and not reject the implant
  • That her body will adjust quickly to the medicine so that she can return home
  • An overall Smooth recovery with no complications- spinal headaches are very common after this procedure and they can pose many difficult and painful challenges.

Thank you for bringing Ellie before the Lord  who holds her in His tender care.

God Bless you,


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Lori Laws said...

I will be praying for Ellie. Praying for no complications, and for the pump to work great, and add a better quality of life for this precious little girl. Thanks for posting this :) God bless!


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