Friday, October 1, 2010

"Fallen Chains"

The more dwell on the attributes of God the more I stand in complete awe of Him. His grace, mercy and everlasting love are truly indescribable! Their depth is unfathomable. As I look at my life and realize the vast number of mistakes I have made- how many times I have let the temporary pleasures of this word become my first love, have allowed my heart become filled with envy, or consumed with fear, etc. the more I realize how unworthy of Him I am. Yet, despite it all God remains faithful. He stands ready to embrace me (each of us) no matter how far I /we stray from the path that he has made. He is waiting for me to truly believe that He will break the chains that bind me so that I can live freely and abundantly in Him. Lord, I believe, help my unbelief!

This song was written by Lexi- an amazing 16 year old girl with a beautiful heart for the Lord. As I was reading though her blog today I came across this powerful analogy that she has written. I pray you will soak this in!

"Your life is like a song, playing the melodies of your past, present, and future. Your very own song started the day you were born and each day a new measure is added to it. Along the course of the song, there will be beautiful harmonies and enchanting music; but with the good, there will also be mistakes too. Your song may skip a few notes or mess up a chord because you struggled with the One who was writing your song. You wanted it written your way, and in the end it turned out awful. But just like you, your song is gently picked back up by the Composer and a new, more beautiful tune is then created, reminding you that even though you messed up, there is still hope and a new beginning. I want you all to remember that your life is a song…and that someday that song will be played in Heaven before our Savior. When you go about your day, don’t struggle with the One who is writing your story, your song…but instead rest in the music He is making with your life and be willing to sing it out LOUD, no matter who is listening. Your life is a song…sing it beautifully."I Pray that I will live worthy of His calling! That my life’s song will be pleasing to the audience of One!
Thank you God for your mercy! Thank you Lexi for your song, and your beautiful heart for Him! God bless you!
Only By God’s Grace,


Mildred said...

Thanks to you and Lexi for sharing tonight. God bless; have a wonderful weekend.

Karen said...

You and Lexi said so well what I feel in my heart.

Lexi said...

Miss Melissa, thank you so much for sharing my song on your blog. I am so encouraged by how God is touching the hearts of others through what He has been teaching me. He is faithful!

May God give you peace as you walk this road and I will be praying for you.

God Bless and hugs,

Michelle said...

What a lovely song and beautiful analogy.
Thanks for posting.

Mocha with Linda said...

Wow. I think we'll be seeing more of her.


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