Friday, September 17, 2010

"Forever’n Ever’n Always"

Have you ever been so absorbed with reading something that you lost all track of time, or thought about what you had read throughout the day, eagerly anticipating the time when you could again submerge yourself in the story-picking up where you left off? I have….

A little over a year ago, while on the internet searching for a blog template, I came across a blog that captured my attention, and my heart at first glance. I was captivated both by the beauty, and the softness of the design, as well as the richness of the text. The author so elegantly wove true stories, breathtaking photography, and deep faith into every post.

Recently, I became reacquainted with this blog, and again I was drawn to its beautifully woven content. With a passion for orphans, and a dream to one day adopt children of my own; I thoroughly enjoy reading the stories, thoughts, and perspectives of this homeschooling mother of nine children (seven of whom have been adopted).

More than the captivating stories however, it has been humbling to read this blog and have the Lord use it is to speak words of encouragement, and truth into my life during times of discouragement and doubt. Through these challenging, faith filled posts I have been continually reminded of the faithfulness of God. I have been challenged to surrender my hopes and dreams for His perfect will, and too trust Him more fully with every detail of my life.

There are no limits to the lengths that God will go to, or the mediums that He will use, to speak into the lives of His children. All He needs is an obedient heart willing to be used for His purposes. I am thankful that He has used the blog of a perfect stranger to remind me that His grace, mercy, and loving kindness are “forever’n ever’n always”. Thank you, Jill for sharing your story.

If you are looking for some encouragement from the Lord today I encourage you to visit Jill’s blog. If you are looking for a personalized blog design take a look at

Amazed by His Grace,


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Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Humbled and hushed by your words!

Thank you so much GOD!

Love and blessings Melissa!


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