Monday, August 30, 2010


An anniversary is the celebration or commemoration of a date or past event. No matter what the occasion marked by the anniversary, one thing is for certain. Anniversaries always carry with them memories. Whether it is a birth, engagement, wedding, death, or any occasion in between, those significant days carry with them feelings and visual images, that no matter how many years may pass, live so vividly in a person’s mind. Today, August 30, 2010, marks such a date for me.
It was on this date five years ago that I encountered and was deeply impacted by the life of 15-month old Morgan Elizabeth Reynolds. It is a day that will live eternally in my memory.

I call to mind like yesterday,
That moment etched in time,
When in God’s perfect wisdom,
Her life intertwined with mine.

Time it seems stood motionless,
As I looked upon her face.
Beholding it in its splendor,
God’s glory, peace and grace.

Yesterday has come and gone,
Years have now slipped by,
But fleeting time cannot erase,
What’s etched deep in my mind’s eye.

In the beauty of her smile,
In her glistening blue eyes,
God painted us a portrait,
Of His pure eternal prize.

He invited us to listen,
And lift our eyes above,
To embrace those most eternal things,
Faith, Hope, and Love.

©Melissa Melvin 2010

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