Saturday, August 2, 2008

Under The Impression

Close to a year or so ago, though an amazing Thursday afternoon radio show that is hosted by a respected friend, I was introduced to the music of independent christian recording artist Charlie Dodrill. If you have not heard of him I strongly encourage you to stop over at his website and take a listen. Scroll though the music player until you come upon the song Under the Impression.

This was the first song that I ever heard from this artist. It is a song that musically unwraps my tendency to fall into the trap of self-absorption. Which in turn leads me to missing out on so much of the life that God has for me. For, it is possible that the circumstances that I find myself in are not only for my benefit but also for the benefit of others. May the Lord continue to mold and shape me into His image- that His kingdom purpose might be the one thing that consumes my heart. For perspectives on other songs please visit


BellaMama said...

I liked the gentle guitar music, peaceful!
Thank you for sharing, I enjoy listening to other's choices!

Bella Mama

boutcrazy said...

I have not heard of him...beautiful. Thank you for the introduction.

Tänia said...

I love Phil Driscoll! So beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I love your choice this week!

Tänia of


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