Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hear my worship

It is my prayer that every area of my life would reflect the life of Christ. That in every situation, whether in joy, or pain; whether in certainty, or in confusion, I honor the Lord. Living so that others will see and know that He is alive. Beyond all the temporary things of this mortal life, beyond the words that I say, or the songs that I sing, may my life be lived as a sacrifice of worship to my King. May He be pleased with my worship. For more faith filled music please visit


Peggy said...

Smiley...I LOVE the worshipful Presence that Jamie started this beautiful song...Hear my Worship!

Truly she writes and worships the Father heart of God!

Hope that your prayer becomes just that a true transparent heart before Christ! May all that you ask be done in His bless as you share & bless others...keep on worshipping our King with all you can! Thanks for a wonderful choice!

Cristine said...

What a beautiful worship song. Thanks for posting it!




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