Saturday, June 28, 2008

Two powerful questions wrapped up in two songs

There is no question that there is power in music. It is one of the most influential forms of media both in our culture and throughout the world. It can bring people of diverse ethnic groups and backgrounds together. It can ignite the sparks of intellect in youth, and have great influence a person’s actions, demeanor, and thoughts.

For me music is something that I have both taken pleasure in, and have found exceedingly influential. It seems there is often a song, or an idea based on a song running though my mind. This week I have been pondering thought based on two of the latest songs in Christian music. Big Daddy Weave’s What Life would be Like and. Give Me Your Eyes by Brandon Heath.

Both songs have similar themes. The first asks the question what would life be like if we let Jesus live though you me? How would I live if I saw myself and the world around me though another set of eyes- the eyes of God?

The song by Brandon Heath boldly asks God, “Give me your eyes for just one second. Give me your eyes so I can see, Everything that I keep missing. Give me your love for humanity. Give me your arms for the broken hearted; The ones that are far beyond my reach, Give me your heart for the once forgotten. Give me your eyes so I can see. ”

This is not a comfortable question in many respects, but it is a good question. A question that, should we choose to truly ask it, will change our lives and the lives of those around us. Will you step out of your comfort zone with me, and ask the Lord to give you His eyes that you might discover what life would be like if we let Jesus live though you and me? ( Be sure to pause the music player before playing the videos.)

What Life would be Like

Give Me your Eyes


Cheryl said...

Two powerful questions indeed. I'm so thankful God has a lot of patience and that he is a forgiving God.

Thanks for sharing!

Sara said...

Wow, huge questions. Thank you so much for sharing your words and these songs.


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