Thursday, June 26, 2008

Joyfully busy

This last week and a half has been nothing less then a whirlwind. Life has come at me at a speed that I have not seen for quite sometime. I am enjoying the busyness, and I am trying to embrace this dense fog of exhaustion that I have somehow been living beneath. Though I have been exhausted, I cannot complain. I would much rather be busy and exhausted then on bed rest watching the hands of time crewel slowly from one second to the next.

Between spending almost three full days getting ready for a graduation party, (Which included preparing food after 2:00 am), Hosting the party, spending a day with some friends- playing more then I have played in a long time- with their little girl whom they adopted form Korea; who was born with CP, traveling quite a distance to a doctors appointment, and beginning the taxing process of preparing to returning to Romania. (Which included filling out a 16-page application). I have barely had time to think.
There has decently been some Joy in the busyness. And I am thankful for every moment! Of course my camera was always within arms length.
Some of the early morning food preperaion

The cake was bought.

The youngest of our guests.

Another sweet little friend.

Playing with Ellie. What a sweet Korean princess!

Ellie and big brother Rob.
Ellie took this one of sister Emma.

I wanted to bring her home, but for some reason they said, no! : )

Thanks for all the fun you guys! I hope to see you again soon!
"Everyday is a gift that you've been given. Make the most of the time every minute you're living." Chris Rice

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