Saturday, May 17, 2008

Poetry Of The Past

I always enjoyed creative writing in school, though I never considered myself to be very good at it After graduation writing was put on the back burner as I changed my focus form my grades to getting to Romania. If was not until the early part of 2006 that I really discovered the power of writing, and the impact that it can have both on the writer, and his or her audience. I began with poetry that was influenced by the life and legacy of Morgan Reynolds. Today, my writings encompass many different topics all pertaining to life with faith as I experience it. Over the next few entries I will share some of my earliest writings. Thanks for Reading.
God of Love
God of love you know my name.
You’ve seen my tears,
And felt my pain.

You know my heart,
From inside out.
What my life is all about.

You came to earth for me to die.
That I might have,
Eternal life.

Let me take this gift of grace
And live me life
To give you praise

That others might,
See your face.
And know you're a God of Love.
©Melissa Melvin 2006

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