Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Birthday in Heaven

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If you have known me since August of 2005 it is likely that you have heard me speak of Morgan Reynolds. Morgan would have turned 4 this last Monday, May 12th. It was with her in mind that I wrote the following. (For those of you who may have previously saved copies of this you may want to save a copy from here as I have made a few grammatical changes to it.)

Time and Eternity

Soft color fills the sky. As the sun crests on the horizon a cool moist breeze rustles the leaves on the trees recently aroused from their winter slumber. As I take in this picturesque view I am drawn to the intricate details that cover the canvas of creation- undeniable evidence of an intentional creator.

Slowly, my thoughts drift from the present. Wandering past time through the gates of eternity. With wild imagination I begin to ponder the beauty that lies beyond the stars.
With a smile on my face, and your name written on my heart I begin to imagine what today must be like for you.

I picture you in a white sundress with your soft, brown hair up in a beautiful bow. I can see you running barefoot in lush green fields; picking wild flowers. I can hear you giggle as you play an energetic game of tag with Bekah, Connor, Eli, Jake, and so many others.

I imagine a birthday party on the beach of the crystal sea. As you gather with your friends around the banqueting table, for birthday cake and ice-cream, I can hear the flutter of angel wings as the seraphim gather around you to lift their voices in a chorus of Happy Birthday.

As the party comes to a close I imagine God calling your name. As you approach His thrown He scoops you up into His arms, and sits you on his lap. Looking into your cornflower blue eyes He whispers,” I love you”. Then he gives you a hug, and hands you a bouquet of balloons that were sent from earth. From Daddy and Mommy, Carter, Poppy, PK, Uncle Chris, and one from me. He reminds you that we love you and that we’ll see you soon. Then, with a soft smile, he sends you on your way, to laugh, run, and play. As you spend what we know as time, in eternity.

Happy Birthday, sweet Morgan! We Love You!

Please continue to keep the Reynolds’ in your prayers as they continue their journey toward a glorious reunion with their precious little girl.

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