Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday- Winter Fun

When the snow starts to fly I am usually content to gaze upon its glistening beauty through frosted windowpanes from the warmth of an indoor dwelling. But, there are times when I cannot resist braving the winter chill, and the treacherous walking conditions, to capture the excitement and wonder of children as they are bundled tight in multiple layers, and sent out to embrace an afternoon of fun in the snow white winter wonderland.Tuesday afternoon was just such a time.

I had to laugh to myself as I endeavored to embark on this escapade, with my camera tucked carefully deep in the pocket of my coat, and my hands gripping tightly to my canes, so festively wrapped in Christmas lights. Heaven only knows the adventures and the challenges that awaited me as I stepped over the threshold of my back door into the slippery, sparkling blanket of white that covers the frozen ground.

I could hear the energetic voices of my sisters calling me as I made my way down the steps, wet with melted snow. As soon as I round the corner and come into their innocent view, thick, wet snowballs began to pelt my down filled winter coat. The adventure had begun.

As quickly as the snowballs began soaring though the air they ceased- as the girls turned their thoughts from  snowballs to snowman. I followed closely behind them as they made their way though inches of snow in search of an untouched patch where they could proudly construct their first “Frosty” of the season. At last they found the perfect location! I watched, in childlike wonder, through the lens of my camera, as they rolled three big balls, one right after another, and carefully lifted them atop each other to create the perfect snowman.

With their snowman complete (with the exception of arms) the girls ventured off to go tromp though some deep drifts. I decided that it was best that I forgo that venture. I struggle to walk on flat, dry ground. Can you imagine what walking in deep snow is like? Let’s just say it is an ADVENTURE- one that I don’t like to take unless  absolutely necessary. :-) 

After a few minutes they emerged from the drifts and invited me up in their tree house.

I was more than happy to climb into the tree house with them, but climbing down scared me to death! I am afraid of heights, and my legs were so cold and stiff that I could hardly bend them. I seriously thought I was going to fall.  I think I will keep my feet planted firmly on the ground from now on- Thank you very much!

Once back on the ground, I sat down to catch my breath. The girls saw that as an opportunity to  pile on top of me. :-)

Covererd in snow and chilled to the bone, I was ready to return indoors,but not brfore basking in the smiles and laughter of these two little snow buddies taking a ride on a sled.

How thankful I am for snowballs and snowmen; smiles and laughter, and memories made with these two precious girls.

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

Rejoicing in the Christ Child,


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Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

AWESOME! I love it! You are so precious and so are they. They did a great job on the snowman. WOW! I'm impressed! Our kids always whimp out from being too cold to finish a snowman. I usually end up building him or her alone.

Merry Christmas!!!
Love you,


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