Sunday, November 8, 2009

Experiencing God at Panera Bread

I am now nine days away form boarding a flight and making my 5th trip to Romania to embrace the hearts of orphaned children. I have been busy going here and there tyeing up loose ends as I prepare for my departure. This past Friday I had the opportunity to meet Aubrey, my amazing ministry companion, in person. We spent about thee hours together sharing stories, doing some shopping for the children, planing ministry and simply enjoying each others company.

One experience that we shared left me completely amazed. We were sharing conversation and planning ministry over lunch at Panera Bread. As we brought the meal to a close we spent a few minutes praying together over our time in Romania. As we got up to leave, a lady sitting at a table not far from us stopped us and asked if we were Christians. We said we were, and she went on to say that she felt a presence between our tables. Then when she saw us praying she said she knew what she felt had something to do with us. We spent a few minutes talking with her and her daughter. We told them that we were meeting for the first time in person in preparation for a trip that we would be taking together to minister to orphans in Romania. Before we went our separate ways this lady took our names and told us that she would keep us in her prayers.

I guess you never know who's watching you. It makes me so much more conscious of my actions and wanting to glorify the Lord in all things. To think that simply being in a room can have an affect on someone. How much more then will my actions and words affect someone? The reality that n everything we do we either point someone toward or away from the Lord is not something to be taken lightly for sure. What a high calling it is to be known as a follower of Christ. What a privilege to be one of His own.

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Lori Laws said...

What a privilege indeed! I wish I was there, but on the other hand I feel His presence so mightily here.
Blessings, Melissa!


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