Friday, January 30, 2009

Why- Nichole Nordman

I discovered this song this week. (Most of you probably have heard it in the past.)
For so many reasons it has spoken volumes to me over the past several days. As humans when we are tried in the fire, or things simply aren’t going our way we tend to ask the question why. (At least I do.)

Why has never been a question that I have been comfortable asking of God. He is God and I know I have no right to question Him. The question I most often find myself asking is more of a what for than a why me. Sometimes I think if I could only see what He is accomplishing though a situation than it would be easier to accept the pain or misfortune.

This week has been one where I seem to have so many questions and no answers, and I am left with God gently asking me to trust Him. Because of the pain that Jesus endured on my cross I know that He will not only sustain me as I carry the burdens of life, but He will use them to bring glory to Himself. What a comfort to know that Jesus himself asked the question why. God is good all the time.


Sita said...

And we just have to look at the Psalms to know that God wants us to be 'honest' with what ever we are feeling...and as we surrender daily to Him and He allows situations in our lives that sometimes leaves us reeling, we just have to ask.."how is this advancing Your kingdom, O me, please...", because He allows nothing that does not advance His kingdom in our lives...turning the ash heap into a mountain of glorious blessed...

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

AMNE Sita!

Praying for the answers to come and bring comfort to you as you wait on Him and trust in Him!

He is faithful and good all of the time!


Anonymous said...

Amen! He IS TOTALLY good all the time - I need to learn more trust as well my friend!


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