Friday, October 24, 2008

What Romania taught me part 1

Why me?

As I reflect on my most recent experience of working alongside the Lord in Romania I can’t help but ask, Why me. Why would God choose to send me to Romania? The only explanation that I can come to is that He wanted to show me how mighty He is.

If you spoke with me at any length in the days and weeks leading up to my departure, I have no doubt that you sensed a thick quilt of apprehension covering the excitement and enthusiasm that I felt in returning to this country that I have grown to love.

Like Gideon I found myself unsure of accomplishing the task that God had called me to. I wanted to go, but circumstances told me that this was impossible. On several occasions I found myself thinking, “God are you sure?” I’m small, I’m weak I’m, tired, and in pain. Are you sure I am the right servant for this task? With every God I’m_________ that I would express to Him God would tenderly respond, “I’m God”

Intellectually, I knew that God was God, and nothing is impossible with Him. However, until I had been striped of my plans, and everything that I knew to be comfortable; until I had nothing to stand on but faith, and the promises of God I never took a firm hold of these timeless truths.

Physical circumstance said that I would be a fool to travel to Romania. Who takes a trip of this magnitude after spending months on bed rest? But, I’ve learned that giving ones life to Christ is to surrender my ideas for His. It is not about human ability. God does not think in human terms. It’s about being available to Him. Having no agenda of my own, but placing myself in God’s hands as a tool for Him to use as He wills. Then waiting expertly for God to move, and following Him where He leads. When doing this I find that His strength is made perfect in weakness, and the impossible becomes more than possible. He is mighty!

Here are some pictures of my trip. More pictures and stories will be comming soon. Stay tuned.

Thank you for your prayers and amazing support! God did amazing things though you.


Bill Allison said...

Love your heart of love for God!

One of your biggest fans...


Randall said...

It is amazing what we can accompish when we get out of the way and let God work though us!

Praise God you were able to do this in Romania


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