Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer camp week in blogland

I was recently introduced to a blog written by an amazing stay-at- home mom. I have no idea how she has time to blog. She must follow all of the amazing time management secrets from Bill Allison, or something. But, whatever her methods may be she has enough time to put some fun, inspirational, and thought provoking publications on her blog.

All this week she is doing a summer camp thing. Each day she has a different theme for her post. And she is inviting her readers to join in the fun. Yesterday’s theme was
Music Monday.

This week had a busy start for me, so I missed the first day of "camp." It’s kind of like missing a day of school. You have to play catch up when you get back. Okay, maybe not. But, I thought it would be fun to take a trip back in time a few years to my days as a church camper. Oh yah, and there were those two weeks that I spent at CEF training camp. There was intense training taking place, but it was done in a camp setting. What little free time I had was spent doing things that were very much camp.

So, what makes summer camp summer camp? Is it the food? Sleeping in drafty cabins? Waking up before the sun in hopes of getting at least a lukewarm shower? Is it the crazy team games, or the ever-popular talent show?

While all of those things have definitely played a part in my camp experiences. I think if I had to state one thing that made camp what it was. I would have to say it was the songs and chants that we had. It seems we had a song for everything!

There was Deep and Wide at breakfast; leaving out some of the words as you went. (If you weren’t awake before the song started you were by the time it ended.) Then there was singing the little ditty whenever someone at your table was caught eating with their elbows in the table. There was the mail time tune, and the chant coxing specific campers and councilors to sing while we ate. We sang Peace like a River, and learned songs in African to incorporate into our summer ministry. In case you are wondering, I can still sing them today.

We never called it a day of church camp before we sang around the campfire. Music definitely played a huge part in my camp experience! What was your summer camp experience like?
While you tell me about your memorable camp experiences I'm going to work on my post for today's theme- God stories.

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The Secret Life of Kat said...

"Pharoah, Pharoah! Oh O Let me people go. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah."

For some reason that's the only camp song that pops into my head...

Oh, here's another: "Who's side are you leaning on? I'm leaning on the Lord's side..."

Yes, these may be a bit obscure, but I don't recall singing Kumbaya and my camp...

By the way, Melissa, I have no time management secrets. I just stay up late and drink lots of caffiene. Or something like that. :-)


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